The Incantation Ploy

Master Project from Carly Rae Heathcote together with Musia Mwankumi, Anna Franziska Jäger and Manuela Vilanova

Campo Nieuwpoort, Nieuwpoort 31/35, Gent

The Incantation Ploy is a piece composed of seven songs or spells, traveling through ways of creating narrative. The ever-shifting personas search for a constant romance or intoxication with the world, in and through impossible matches. They are constantly met by an estrangement, possibly due to a failure of communication, possibly due to an unbridgeable gap between.Two bodies stand in on scene. Who do they stand in for?
The one pauses and dreams of a world of their own, of a romance with that world.
The other has a duty to fill
One becomes the lover, enamored and caught in-between
Other calls out, they are the mystic-incarnate, open and receiving.
And so they situate tall and proper, with the taste of incredibly important words on their lips.
You can see it in the way they stand– an anticipation of gravitas.
But their voices come shooting out

Musia Mwankumi and Anna Franziska Jäger

Manuela Vilanova and Lila Tirando a Violeta

Luanda Casella and Tom Engels

Jana De Kockere

Stefania Assandri and Miguel Peñaranda

Frederik Le Roy, Simon De Winne, Bardia Mohammed, Fabrice Delecluse, Mats Vandroogenbroeck, Nathan Ooms, Jonas Baeke, Gerhard Jäger, Lander Gyselinck, Maria Ortiz Elbal, Nathan Ishar, Kazematten, de School van Gaasbeek, Art Basics for Children, CAMPO, and KASK Drama.